Spirit of the Land is a network of peoples from diverse places inspired to work for the healing and restoration of the world; peace for all the lands, waters and communities of the world. This is a community-led initiative.
All are welcome. All are needed.



Spirit of the Land is premised on the notion that our external ecological crises – from climate change to global inequity – are symptoms of a deeper spiritual and cultural need; an absence due to human separation from each other, our places and our inner-beings. Each of us is caught in a globalizing way of life that depends upon this separation of neighbor against neighbor, country against country, religion against religion, relation against relation. Each of us are both agents of and sufferers of disconnection.

Yet, herein lies reason for hope. If today’s crises have arisen because of our collective acts of disconnection, then the opposite may be true too: that our collective actions of re-connection give rise to a kinder world! We are all capable of being agents of peace and justice…

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Our Work: Past and Present

This is a community-led initiative. Together, we have organized conferences, courses and projects and engage in really interesting conversations. All of these efforts strive to gather voices often distant and at odds with each other. Like: Respecting the Land: Living in the Gifts and Limits of Nature held in November 2013 in Alberta, or the Caring for All Creation Series and Making Peace with the Land held in British Columbia, or the ongoing Alberta Voices project.

This November 4-6, 2016, join us at our fifth annual conference, Reconciling Land, Life and Livelihood, that will further explore the intersection between economy, ecology, spirit and community.

We are from diverse places – mainly across Treaty 6, 8, 11 and Unceded Coast Salish Territories – yet, just as we do through this website and Blog, we share this work together.