Community Correspondence – Donna Jennison

This delicious post came from Donna Jennison.  It makes my mind flash forward to the fall when our analogue classroom will happen over pot luck meals in homes in our community.  Surely such connection will foster valuable discussion around our land, our communities and ourselves.


“what an absolutely beautiful idea. We typically reserved and quiet lovers of the earth need to know one another. Expressing deep and strong feelings of love, connection , awe and mystery about the earth is not something that fits easily into most conversations. To connect with people who know this kind of love is a wonderful gift. My true brothers and sisters will be in this group. Lets cook something up in a big cauldron. Let’s stir the cauldron with a big old gnarly stick, adding a titch of this, a bit of that,…but mostly let’s fill the pot with the love that we know is in the land and in our hearts. Let’s cook it up with devotion and let it boil over and spill out onto everything and everyone. This is meal worth preparing! Worth sharing! I throw my heart and my tender, sweet love for the earth into the pot! and my tears.”