Craig Wentland – Part two of Sept 12th

Well, folks.  As with all technology, there’s always a little hurdling to do before it gets going straight.  So this class was not properly broadcast on #ds106radio because the lovely spot on the grass where we were all enjoying the lecture this evening was just a tad too far away from the wifi.  Oh well.  By the second half of class I got the ZOOM audio recorder set up and we get a really nice recording of Craig’s lecture.  It really was an excellent evening of story, sharing, and connection to the land!

I especially enjoyed the reading from Craig’s pioneering family member.  What a gift to have that amazing story recorded.  Not only to understand one’s family, but now I know how I’d go about building a rabbit trap!

Craig Wentland Spirit of the Land part 1

Craig Wentland Spirit of the Land part 2