In the past I’ve had conversations with friends about intimacy and human connection, be it connection with a friend, partner, parent, and the feeling of thirst that accompanies it. The natural ebb and flow of life is such that there are times when you’re so well connected with others that your thirst nearly disappears– as well as others when you may grow lethargic, unspirited and dull, from going too long in an extended state of thirst. Sometimes the thirst becomes so strong that when a hug or embrace is received, you envision your bodies melting together because somehow, only the joining of blood vessels, bones, brains, and hearts will satiate the thirst that has developed.  Every hug becomes an opportunity to join hearts.

Lately after morning runs or evening walks, I stop to take a moment to do some sun salutations simply to stop, breathe, be present. I repeatedly find myself in child’s pose, with my hands extended in front of me, my forehead firmly on the ground, and my knees folded below. The image shifts. My brain forms the image of roots extending out of my forehead, deep into the ground, connecting to the heart beat taking place below me. I become part of the living body of the land, in a form of intimacy that is seemingly so simple. My thirst for connection resides.

As I receive a hug that I never had to wait for.