Peace, interrupted…

Richard Louv successfully weaves an entertaining writing style with concepts and ideas which draw our attention to the prevalent disconnect that exists between individuals from the land, and individuals from each other. On page 26 of The Nature Principle, Louv writes “society seems to look everywhere but the natural domain for the enhancement of intelligence;” increasing dependence on science and technology for abstract decision making aids global tensions, immediately evident within the Syrian conflict and other examples of contemporary warfare.

I came across an article this morning which shared Vladimir Putin’s address to the Obama Administration regarding involvement in the Syrian conflict. Echoes of cooperation and dialogue were heard, and I finished the article with a sense that world leaders (largely from the United States of America) are relinquishing diplomatic engagements as a direct result of their disconnect from one another…perhaps this disconnect stems from the expansion and proliferation of the global market economy which is driving a culture of consumption, and thus furthering our disconnect from nature.

I am not suggesting that the political leaders of the world join together for a drum circle and sing kumbaya before consultations, but perhaps contemplative practices which include nature, and that foster a connection with the self, the land, and its inhabitants would help the evolution of these conversations to reach a state of agreement, or in the least cooperation…Louv suggests that when more time is spent with nature, mental effectiveness is enhanced and the mind may be restored-thereby enhancing our abilities make long-term decisions (28), which seems to be the most pressing matter in this circumstance. A restored sense of fascination with nature, rather then the drive for mastery over it, may just supplement the efforts for peace in contemporary times.

As a disclaimer I want you you to know I am not well versed in the domain of politics, but I find the area to be one of increasing global importance, especially with the onset of potential chemical warfare. The article I am referring to may be found here: