Tune into our class LIVE tonight!

Hey all

So we’re going to be broadcasting our first class this evening via #ds106radio, a free-form internet radio station built out of a digital storytelling MOOC ran by the University of Mary-Washington.  UMW and Augustana share membership in the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC) and have been doing interesting and innovative things in the digital world.  Much of my own philosophy has developed watching the stellar work they have done.

So, if you’d like to listen in this evening, tune into #ds106radio HERE or download the playlist that will open in itunes or VLC or whatever HERE.

Don’t forget to log into Twitter and chat back with us using the #spiritoftheland or #ds106radio hashtags.  You may also find some of the folks on FB or via email.

Exercise #1 begins in t-minus 1.5 hrs.  6:30 pm Alberta time!