Farming our own Conscience

We, as a society, have allowed the degradation of animals from creatures of God to Descartes ideal world where they are merely units of production in a system dominated by man where we take away everything natural, behavioural, and instinctive for these animals and replace it with the cold, barren world of concrete and metal. We have taken ‘dominion of the land’ to the extreme where we are no longer stewards but subjugators. The wanton horrors we commit are in the name of progress, short-term economics, and cheap food. We have disassociated the meat we eat from living breathing creatures because we have to in order to rationalize our actions. A quote from Mahatma Gandhi is often paraphrased as “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” What kind of a society are we living in based on pain, cruelty and suffering? Is it healthy to continue down this path? We have become disconnected from the dirt and plants after the Green Revolution and now we have become disconnected to life that is so similar to us. When we cannot show mercy and compassion those who have no voice of their own then we are farming our own conscience on an industrial scale so that we become numb with no feeling.