just breathe.

The relentless stream of commitments, assignments and deadlines… Feeling overwhelmed, not recognizing the joys of daily life, just trying to stay afloat. The tireless load that sends you into a tailspin that seems impossible to get out of. Free moments are unheard of; time is of the essence.

I am not living in the moment; I am ceaselessly trying to suck each and every second out of the day, just trying to keep my head above the water and catch a breath every once and a while.

But struggling to stay afloat instead of living in the moment in the fullest possible sense, what joy does that provide? To take a breath and immerse myself in the present, to open my senses to all that is now and ignore for an instant all that awaits.

All can be forgotten when I take a moment to connect to the world of which I am a part of, and breathe. To rediscover the inspiration and joy that can be found when I let my curiosity, wonder and willingness take over.

It is I who can choose to slow down, to remember the joys of daily life and to relearn the calm that can be found by taking a breath and pausing. The uninterrupted stream of commitments, assignments and deadlines will always be, but this moment will not.