Intimacy With Nature

I am not much of a poetry writer but after reading the Indigenous Mind by Kaylynn Sullivan Twotrees I was inspired to write a poem. The title of my poem is derived from a sentence that really called to my own spiritual struggles.In the sentence she writes, “Accessing [the power of consciousness means] a commitment to slowing down, remembering, and re-conceiving on a smaller scale to reclaim intimacy with nature and its layers of species as an aspect of my own essential nature”. I too often fall captive to the constant busyness of life that I forget to take these moments. Most times it gets to the point where I find myself yearning for nature to take me back. And this poem is my articulation of this struggle:

With her I take the last breath
Sorrowfully learning the meaning of connection
Feeling more alive than ever, I thank you death
You are my portal to a deeper reflection

The rhetoric of life causing repentance
A moment paused for redirection
Contemplation of the interdependence
Complexities in need of the finest dissection

Only in a heavenly melody
Do I find myself to have meaningful collection
The beat, the voice, slows me down mentally
The soul open to perfection

Yet hopelessly drowning in damage control
The spiritual realm is in rejection
To the consumer soul
Struggling to get up, for protection

Mother Nature takes my hand
Looks me in my eyes with inspection
Opens the winds, the light, and shows me the land
I place myself here, forced injection

You are my portal to a deeper reflection
Struggling to get up, for protection