Hello All,

I have just returned home from my first Spirit of the Land class and had to express my sincere gratitude for the work you are all doing.  I was so glad to start the class with a circle, to hear from all of you and get a small glimpse into your lives.

Sometimes I think of connections, be it with nature, or with people as ropes.  The more connected we are the more ropes we have that extend from us to everything we are connected to.  I felt a small thread form between me and each of you tonight that I hope to continue to build our relationship and form thicker and thicker ropes. Together we can form a strong web between the members of the class, our community and the land.  I feel we are off to a great start. Thanks for making me feel so glad to be part of the work we do and the passion we feel.

I want to invite you all out to “my” land sometime soon so we can eat, walk, sing by the fire and enjoy the company.  More details to come 🙂

Can’t wait until next week….