Email from Calgary Viewer:

With her permission, here is an email received from a Calgary viewer of our website:


Just checking out your site, recommended by a member of the ndp rural caucus. Sounds like just what we need more of, and want to recommend a book I’m currently reading for your book list.

Its called Rebuilding the Foodshed: How to create local, sustainable and secure food systems.

Its American but there’s an amazing amount of work being done down there and its author makes the point that we have to embrace complexity, echew simple or simplistic solutions, there are many parts to the transitional space.

What I’m reading on eliminating waste right now is very eye opening and full of potential.

I would like to subscribe and follow what you are doing as it sounds dialogic.

I’m convinced until we have the time to listen to each other, we won’t have the attention span to listen to the spirit of the land.

Thanks, Mary Nokleby