#idlenomore Call for Papers – Unsetting Resistance

As we continue our journey in Spirit of the Land, I’d like to invite you to consider submitting a proposal for the following volume…  At least read through some of the themes at the bottom and allow your thoughts to be prompted by these poignant questions.  For many of us in Spirit of the Land, we are trying to build a bridge from a settler background into a decolonized space that we have yet to imagine.  Start imagining!

“This is a call-out to you and your friends doing solidarity work and resistance, smashing colonialism, and living healthy relationships to lands and peoples. We are editing a book, for publication with an independent publisher such as AK press, that will be a compilation of lessons learned, wisdom gained, and practical strategies from those non-indigenous anti-authoritarian activists engaged in the struggle for decolonization.”

Unsettling Resistance Website