Of the planet,
Of its beauty,
Of its destruction.

Of the rainforests, of the glaciers, the oceans and the sun,
Of deforestation, fisheries collapse, extinctions, and pollution.

All organisms are connected,
Yet we disconnect all organisms.

I am mindful that the world is in a state of disrepair,
That we are stewards,
Who have chosen to act like parasites.

We are at a turning point in Earth’s history,
A place our grandparents never reached.

Our world society needs change,
It must be us.

Change must happen through love,
The largest opposition to love is not anger,
But apathy and indifference.

In a world of indifference how do you make people care?
By every personal action you make.

“I am mindful that no one person can save the world and each of us can do something important to make a difference.” – Vivienne Simon

I am constantly mindful of the state of this planet and the state it is in. The first step is to acknowledge that. The planet is changing. We are harming it. Others live in denial, but we cannot collectively change our societal mindset when we still have ostriches sticking their heads in the sand. Once we bring others to this state of mindfulness we can bring faster, more efficient change. The planet doesn’t need saving, it will go on, but what really mean is saving a planet that is habitable for humans for the next seven generations and more. What legacy will we leave behind? A post-apocalyptic world devoid of resources, with contaminated air, land and water? Or a healthy planet with ecological integrity?