Friend Quote of the Day

This is a thing that I do on my Facebook page about 2-3 times per month. They seem to generate some discussion around issues that are infrequently addressed in media and in everyday conversation. They are based on actual discussions with different friends. Names of course have been changed and a blanket apology for all of those I may unintentionally offend is stated.

Friend Quote of the Day
Scene: I am sitting in the University café area eating a sandwich when my friend Gerald, an Environmental Science major walks up to me and takes a seat. I know him well enough that I can tell by the look on his face he has a question and/or concern to hash out.

Me: Hey hey! I saw on Facebook that you are headed to the Oil sands Student delegation primer at main campus later this week! I guess that means they accepted your application! Right on! That’s wicked!

Gerald: Do I really have to go to this oil sands delegation primer dealie? Like what do they do there?

Me: Last year that had some wicked profs talking including Dave Schindler! That man has a spine, something I appreciate that’s for sure you can find some of his lectures on You Tube. You have to go and check it out! Super, super interesting.

Gerald: Well you know Kate, I was talking to my friend and I told her about how you went on this trip last year and how absolutely mortified and traumatized you were by what you saw in the Mac and she was like: “Gerald, I really don’t want you to go if you are going to end up with PTSD!” Am I going to end up with PTSD?

Me: Well, quite honestly Gerald, if you think about the implications of what is going on in our country with regards to environmental legislation failures, corporate takeover of our government, food systems, medical care, media, education and absolute total disregard and disrespect for not just human life but for all life on earth you may just end up with PTSD. The Tar Sands – I refuse to call them the oils sands – and all of our governments complete and absolute failures and basically everything that is undeniable wrong with human civilization all rolled into one disaster beyond all imagination. Breaking through the denial of what this is what would cause such utter trauma that I suppose it could, with the right medical professional be diagnosed as PTSD. I mean there are misdiagnosis going on all the time…don’t get me started on the autism spectrum and ADD & ADHD stuff today my friend.

Gerald: You know if I didn’t know you and if I had spent so much time hearing you lecture people on this stuff I would think you were nuts. In fact it did cross my mind when we first met. Not that I am trying to insult you in any way shape or form, I know I can be honest with you that’s all.

Me: Oh my goodness, there is no insult taken whatsoever! Have a look at the news today about what’s going on in New Brunswick and anti fracking protests. People standing up for basic human rights and the media (TORONTO SUN – shame on you) slaughtering them. I so know it is not just me that sees this… I think it is really important for you as a environmental science student to really get out there and see what is going on and this trip will be good for that. Also Dave Schindler and David Suzuki are going to be speaking at U of A next month….maybe we should make a date of it???

Gerald: A date with you would be a total trip anyway, however, a date with you to go and listen to Dave Schindler and David Suzuki speak about the state of the planet would be completely surreal! You know you did demand that I watch a couple different documentaries that ended up blowing my socks off like “The World according to Monsanto” and “Thrive” and got me super aware of the horrors of GMO so you know what…I am going to the primer and I am so not going to hesitate going on this trip to the Tar Sands.

Me: That is good Gerald, hopefully they talk about the cancer related deaths up river from this “development” and the abscess and cyst ridden fish of the Athabasca. That will give you a bit of a view of how incredibly far reaching this disaster is and how out to lunch our society has become. And you know what, quite honestly, if you are that affected and think you are suffering from PTSD by your visit I will hook you up with a week long course at a place on an island off the coast of Vancouver Island that I know about….but I will tell you about that place later….