Community Correspondence – Vivienne’s list of great reads!

what a fabulous and inspiring program this is! here are suggestions of some books you might also find of interest. there are so many excellent books out there. these are just the ones that come to mind at the moment:

Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for Ecstatic Culture – Bill Pfeiffer
Active Hope – Joanna Macy’s most recent book with Chris Johnstone
Going Dark – Guy McPherson
Conscious Collapse – Carolyn Baker
The Derrick Jensen Reader: Writings On Environmental Revolution – Derrick Jensen
or anything else by Derrick Jensen
The Practice of The Wild – Gary Snyder
Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth and Mind – edited by Theodore Roszak
Deep Ecology – edited by Bill Devall and George Sessions
Ecofeminism – Maria Mies, Vandana Shiva
The Ecology of Wisdom: Writings by Arne Naess
Woman and Nature – Susan Griffin
Spirituality for America: Earth-Saving Wisdom From the Indigenous – Ed McGaa

keep on rocking the world,