Spirit of the Land Augustana – Student Final Presentations

During the final Spirit of the Land class, students reflected on the journey the course took them on.  Connecting with family and tradition, with land, earth and water, with each other, and with themselves, each student took a moment to share a brief glimpse into the transformative power of interdependence.

Tif’s Presentation

Sam’s Presentation

Natasha’s Presentation followed by her excellent recipe book!

Adventures Living Naturally

Leah’s Presentation

Kerstyn’s Presentation

Kate’s Presentation

Joelle’s Presentation

Jennifer’s Presentation

Hans’ Presentation

Geordie’s Presentation explaining his artwork below

2013-12-05 Spirit of the Land Poster2013-12-05 Spirit of the Land Poster_03

Erika’s Presentation

Eagle’s Presentation

Dittmar and Sarah’s reflections

Carolina’s Presentation

Alyssa’s Presentation

Ally’s Presentation