Caring for Creation – welcome to the digital

Greetings all, from a frozen Alberta prairie

My name is Leslie and I’ll be the digital liaison for the Caring for Creation class.  What does that mean?  Well, let me share with you.

Over the past 4 years, I have been doing a lot of research on how it is possible to use the digital world to connect people through different landscapes and timescapes.  That means that the work we did last semester is available to you (via the blog on and that the work you are doing now is available to us (through live broadcasting on #ds106radio).

One of the reasons I enjoy the digital space so much is that the way we exist online is by sharing the lived process of our work.  If you wait until your blog post is perfect, or you catch the perfect photo of the sunrise, or you play that song just right, you’ll likely never post/share.  Further, you’re not inviting conversation.  You’re broadcasting something to an audience, not having a conversation.  Some of the best blog posts are personal stories that ramble, have spelling and grammar mistakes, and communicate a raw feeling or probing question.  They’re wonderful!  Take a look at this post written by Eagle last term… or this one by Hans… or this one by Leah…. or this one by Kate <——— you can click on all those links).  All expressions of courage and all invitations for discussion.

The web can be a daunting place, I know.  It’s disorienting putting yourself out into the web, but there are great connections to be made with people around the world.  What’s more, it encourages those who are doing similar work in different and sometimes isolated communities.  I like to say that the Web makes social truth transparent.  It gives us a chance to see the truth in our communities beyond what big news corporations want to show us.  We can see small acts of courage, and triumphs in the daily struggles of life.  We can see there are people all over the planet who live with integrity and encourage others to do the same.  Finding these people and knowing we are not alone can help us be strong when the work we have is overwhelming.

So how do you participate?

You can find me in any of my digital spaces.  Of course you have my email now.  You can also visit the blog.  I’m going to set everyone up with access to the blog tomorrow (March 3rd). All you have to do is scroll down the page and on the right-hand side you see a heading that says “Meta”  Under that is “Log-in”  Use the login name and password that will be sent to you and then you’ll be able to post on the blog! You can always email me if you have any questions.

You can also find me in my other digital homes.  In all of them I am onepercentyellow except for twitter I’m @onepercentyello without a w as there are character limits on twitter.  Some of the places you can find me are:

Skype (my name is onepercentyellow)

Finally, I’ve done a video introduction to myself and #ds106radio on my youtube.  Just to let you know I did the intro speaking part as well as the song in one take.  I guess technically the song is in 3 takes layered in garageband (uke, bass and vocals)  but especially the vocals were just done on the fly.  I certainly could work further with it, but wanted to give you the unpolished version. You can hear the one part in the song where you must wonder if I intended that note….


And see you in the digital.