Discovering our blindness

As ‘Babylonians’ in captivity it can be really hard to see there is another way than the way of Babylon.  So I have appreciated the work of the Story of Stuff organization that shows us another way.  They suggest that we are tied into ‘more’ as the goal of our society.  They suggest that we look at ‘better’, better healthcare, better education, better quality of life as the goal.

In a similar vein tonight, the idea I really appreciated was the notion that what our head thinks is our God is not necessarily who it is.  What we rely upon is our real God.  Our society today relys on ‘progress’.  We measure life as good by whether we are progressing or not and we accept the cost of progress without examining it too closely.

Can we build a better life for all if instead of progress we all relied upon compassion?  What if we measured how good life was by how much compassion we gave and received?  Compassion not only for human but non-human creation as it nurtures us.

Thanks for having the evening telecast.