This is the change

I came across this tweet from Chris Turner who spoke at the Spirit of the Land conference in November.

This prompted me to look further at his feed and saw this article he had been reading in the Ottawa Citizen.  It’s short and worth it, so go ahead and click.

It’s a valid argument that our response to moral imperatives in the Western world is quite often resistance.  In the post-modern milieu, I will do what you tell me not to do just because you told me not to!  We mistrust authority (sometimes for good reason) and many times act like defiant teens.  Even in exploring such life-giving activities as having pot lucks, growing food, and fostering community, we are afraid of what others will think.  I’m overjoyed when people come by and think it’s “cool” that I recycle, that I have a vermiculture in my house, and that I want to join the community garden.

Thankfully, we’re not just here to share the scary story of climate change with each other.  I deeply feel that Caring for Creation and Spirit of the Land are about showing the belonging, the joy, the self-esteem that can come from engaging with the natural world.  After all, our mother Earth is the greatest source of love and belonging there is!