Earth Day

As I was walking by the ocean I came upon a preschool class with parents. They were cleaning 4 waterfront areas , removing garbage and recycling objects, equipped with tongs and buckets. I spoke with a parent that said they were trying to help their children appreciate our creation,and to learn to care for it. They were clebrating Earth Day early. I spoke with a child who said it was sad to find tins on the beach but she was happy to take them away. She also said it was one of the best Saturdays she had spent with her family in a long time.
I grew up loving walks in the woods and by water and so appreciative of time outdoors. Proably why I like this course so much. So tomorrow is Earth Day and I am up island for a meeting with 20-30 others. I wonder how many others will think of carpooling. Our car is full.
What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day April 22?