Ronning Center Internship – Responsibility for the Land

The Chester Ronning Center for Religion and Public Life at the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta has been instrumental in the Caring For Creation, Spirit of the Land, and Responsibility for the Land courses.  The ongoing work of this unique center continues with an internship project investigating Alberta’s oil and gas economy.

Please see the letter from the Ronning Center that follows and consider supporting students in their continued work in addressing these pressing issues from holistic perspectives.


I write to you today to introduce a Ronning Centre Internship project – Responsibility for the Land. This initiative grew out of two conferences held on campus: Responsibility for the Land (2012) and Spirit of the Land (2013) and a number of courses held by the Ronning Centre to investigate the cultural and spiritual dimensions of Alberta’s oil and gas economy. Our research is centered on understanding and documenting the impact of oil and gas development given the primary place of the petrochemical industry in Alberta and to facilitate meaningful multi-perspective dialogue to connect health, land and community.

We ask for your assistance in supporting Ronning Centre Internships so we might continue important work such as this. With your help, this summer our students will investigate in greater depth the issues inherent in managing our natural resources and engage in meaningful dialogue with a diverse group of Albertans and form relationships with various First Nations, industry representatives and municipal politicians. It will be equally important to inform our understanding with scientific and analytical knowledge to provide a foundation for this discussion. We will share what we learn on our upcoming website,, which will serve as an accessible and comprehensive resource, forming a basis for continuing and informed public discussion. (To see parts of the project already well underway, visit

Augustana is committed to developing our students as thinkers, researchers and communicators – this internship opportunity will allow students to explore and apply their academic learning and advance their skill sets. With your help, a wise and on-going conversation regarding responsible stewardship of the land, the challenges presented by our energy needs and the impact of oil and gas developmentin Alberta will be generated.

David Goa, Director
Chester Ronning Centre
For the Study of Religion & Public Life