April 29th Session – An unexpected art party

As the Caring for Creation series comes closer to its close, and the spring opens her full glory to us, I thought it would be fitting to finally have a listening party for the April 29th Caring for Creation class.  I invited a few of the finest of folks over to my house for potluck and fellowship before listening in on what’s happening in Vancouver.

Alas…. the best laid plans.  Our all-star broadcaster, Vida, was having some difficulties with attending the gathering and wouldn’t be able to send out the session on the #ds106radio airwaves.  What should I do??? Cancel the gathering?

I looked into the resources and prepared and impromptu discussion gathering and when folks arrived, I was prepared.

But then a wonderful thing happened!  We began to just sit and share with one another – our lives, our struggles, our observations.  Most of us knew each other, but a few were new friends, and others had much catching up to do.  We enjoyed our various food offerings and when it came time to turn over the attention to a video for discussion, we decided, instead, to make art.

DSC06651 DSC06652







I have struggled with inviting others into the spaces I have created this year – both in the digital and the analogue!  There have been few folks who have made it to my home and not been whisked away to a local coffee shop or pub.  Hosting this lovely group was challenging, and just allowing the evening to BE felt like some kind of risk.  In the end, I made a postcard for my boyfriend’s mom.  Another woman had her first experience enjoying making art!

Then I thought back to the reading about preparing the way for a world beyond capitalism and I figured we had done just a little work in that direction.  No television, no outside entertainment – just people getting together and enjoying each other’s presence.

Sorry to Jan who was trying to listen in to the broadcast – looks like the April 29th show was in the analogue.