#care4creation on #ds106radio

The things we do have ripples that travel far beyond our sight.  Sometimes we get news back that the vibrations have reached someone.  Like an answer to a message in a bottle.
The Caring for Creation series has had ripples traveling through the digital pond to spaces both known and unknown.  Here’s a Twitter conversation from the last class of Caring for Creation.  The broadcast reached to a dinner table where Giulia Forsythe from Brock University was sharing #ds106radio with folks who had attended Thompson Rivers University’s Canadian Network for Innovation in Education conference.  Then GNA Garcia tuned in from Oakton Community College in Illinois, and Zack Dowell from Folsom Lake College in Sacramento came in at the end, tempted by free seeds!
This is in addition to the known audiences who have been with us for all the gatherings we have been able to broadcast.
Just goes to show that you never know who you’re going to reach.  So next time you’re wondering, write that note, shove it in the bottle, and send it over the waves.