Continued Connections – Art all the way!

I am constantly energized by the connections we continue to make with this website.  Perhaps it seems small, but even one more strand in the Web strengthens the work we are all doing.

Imagine my surprise when I found this pingback while I was doing some moderation cleanup (  A pingback is when someone creates a link that comes back to your blog.  This link is to Geordie Nelson’s artwork from the Fall 2013 Spirit of the Land class.  I sent a message to Geordie and he didn’t post this on their website.  This means the folks who are collecting all kinds of creative expressions of resistance to those who threaten the integrity of our natural world have found our blog, Geordie’s post, and shared it with the folks who follow their blog!

I just want to thank all of you who have contributed to this blog and who have shared it on your FB feeds, Twitter status, emails or wherever.  Who knows, maybe it was one of you that led the Creative Resistance folks to us!

And please check out their blog  ( and share it with your social media streams.  The art there is inspiring and may help you talk with others about these important issues!