The Voice of the Land

My land is strong, wild and free.
My land is not controlled by me,
and I am not controlled by it.
I do not try to change it,
for it is beautiful in itself.

My land does not asked to be changed,
nor does it asked to be harmed.
My land simply wants to know me,
and for me to know it.

It wants me to be more than a passer-by,
To know me like a friend,
For me to be at home in nature,
and speak for the land.

Speak the voice of the setting sun,
Of the wild caribou running,
And of the plants buried far beneath the snow.
For the voice of my land cannot speak for itself.

My time is now:
to breathe the breath of the land,
to move in rhythm with nature’s beat,
to let my spirit soar;
to be immersed in my land.

While there remains a voice to be heard,
A spirit to be shaped,
And a desire to be filled;
My land stands strong, beautiful,
and forever alive.