A warm hello

Hello, dear Spirit of the Land Community!

Many of you I know, and some I do not, but having been in the Spirit of the Land class as a student a few years ago, it is this space that connects us through time. We share this in common, and it is from this common place that I wish to share with you all a story, followed by an invitation. For what may have been the first time, I developed a sense of understanding of what building community really meant, and even more, what it felt like. This happened through our Spirit of the Land gatherings, dinners, and conversations. What a gift. Since leaving Augustana, and embarking on a rather nomadic post-grad life (living the dream!!), it is this sense of community I seek to find and participate within, wherever it is that I am. It can happen in the smallest and strangest of ways, but it all starts with a very simple gesture – of holding open a safe space to connect with one another and hear one another’s voices.  Only through recognizing all members, their stories, knowledge, and presence as essential to the whole, can we find ourselves in a place where we can move forward together, in a shared journey to amend, heal, reconcile, learn, and dream. Very recently, I had the unexpected opportunity to reconnect, in person, with the Camrose community that has never been far from my heart. Having the gift of time as I am deciding where I am going (or staying) next, I am happy to be helping with an event taking place on February 27th. This is the Prairie Peace Convergence, and it is our hope that space can be safely opened for all voices to be heard as we seek to discover what peaceful communities can look like. We warmly welcome you to participate, and to offer your needed voices. I hope to see you there, reconnect with you if we have met before, or meet you for the very first time.