The Prairie Peace Convergence

Greetings to those from far and wide who check into this digital space or remain subscribed to the blog. You are here for a reason! The spirit of the land continues to resonate with you. Thank you for sticking with us.

I hope you’re able to join us in person or via #ds106radio ( for the Prairie Peace Convergence on February 27th.

This innovative gathering hopes to bring to light the places in our community that cry for justice, as well as the places where we see reconciliation growing. This work is diverse and it calls for passionate people who are dedicated to the people and places they serve. I can think of no better group of people to invite.

This will be an eclectic group, as you can imagine. It will draw from our First Nations neighbours of Maskwacis, to our settler neighbours who dedicate their lives to growing our food. It will include those who imagine a different type of education and those who have been excluded from traditional educational spaces but hold the rich knowledge of life experience. It will be a space to meet across divides and imagine what transformation can look like when all are included.

If you’re interested, please stop on by or be in touch with Carmelle Mohr (just so we know to look out for you).

Thanks for all the work you do.