Seeds for the Soul

This summer, we are hosting a three-part series called “Seeds for the Soul” exploring both practical skill building and intellectual engagement and reflection on our relationship with the land. Events are from 6 to 8:00 pm:

Seeds for the Soul - 4June 1 – Ronning House

July 6 – Camrose Public Library

August 3 – Camrose Railway Museum

We are excited to host these events and hope to bring together all levels of our community. Sustainability is not a niche interest and by creating positive spaces for ideas and skills to be shared, we hope to widen the Spirit of the Land community and empower Camrosians to engage in alternative practices.

Our Third Seeds for the Soul event will be held at 6pm on Wednesday, August 3t at The Camrose Railway Museum. We will be learning about companion planting. At 7pm, there will be a presentation and discussion with Bernice Kadatz on grassland restoration project and the importance of being connected with the land.
plants2Here is a video and an article you may watch beforehand as an intro into what we will be discussing together.

Back to the Future: Terra Preta – Ancient Carbon Farming System for Earth Healing in the 21st Century

We look forwards to learning about your version of sustainability and engagement with the land!