Rediscovering Interdependence

We’ve been spending a lot of time in our garden lately, marveling at how much can be produced in such a small space. Seeing food grow out of soil is a daily reminder of our reliance on the bounty of Earth. While this dependence can be a bit frightening at times- what if you live in an urban centre or have undernourished soil? – I am starting to appreciate the realization that I am not self-sustaining. Needing to depend on other forces and other people has taught me an important lesson in gratitude. I value every meal much more now that I understand the significance of its journey to my plate and the number of factors that had to align to get it there. plants2

I’m also excited to hear your thoughts on interdependence with the land and with others at our next Seeds for the Soul event. Come out to the Railway Museum on Wednesday, August 3rd from 6-8pm to learn the in’s and out’s of companion planting, make some flower and bug crafts, get some new reading material from the book bike, and engage in a contemplative discussion with Bernice Kadatz on the Grassland Restoration Project.

Below is a link to an article describing the phenomenon of terra preta, which Bernice will be talking about.

Back to the Future: Terra Preta – Ancient Carbon Farming System for Earth Healing in the 21st Century

As well, an interesting video that looks a little closer at the interconnection that exists between all things.