Summer Intern Reports: Programming

s4s-1-1A major goal for the interns this summer was the development and implementation of additional programming for Spirit of the Land (SoL). In the past, the class and conference have been the hub of activity for SoL, resulting in limited interaction with the community in winter, spring and summer. These events also cater more towards students and retired members of the community.

This summer, additional programming was meant to introduce SoL to other demographics, particularly young families and working adults. The programming also aims to introduce sustainable practices and discussions on issues related to ecology and spirituality.

Three levels of programming were established- the existing level of the class and conference, additional programming to be implemented in 2016/17 and future internships and expansion.

Levels of Programming

  1. Current Conference and Class

  2. Additional Programming
    1. Seeds for the Soul (once a month)s4s-2-2
    2. Reconciliation Series (once a season)

  3. Potential Future Internships and Expansion
    1. Mirror Lake Project
    2. Holistic Farming Mentorship
    3. Partnerships with Schools etc

For the additional programming, this summer the Seeds for the Soul program was implemented. Combining an hour of practical, hands on activity with an hour of contemplative discussion, these free events are organized to be open to all ages. A craft and activities were prepared for the younger children, while adults engaged in a presentation and discussion. By hosting these events in different  locations around town, we hoped to engage with parts of the Camrose community that may not usually interact with Spirit of the Land or Augustana programs. 

Once a season, we also hope to host a half-day or full day event in the spirit of the conference. By continuing to create spaces for people to discuss and learn, we hope to increase the impact of SoL year-round, as well as provide opportunities for those who want to learn more about reconciliation, sustainability and spirituality.

Finally, throughout the course of the summer we worked on a number of projects that SoL could develop more fully in years to come. Both the Mirror Lake project and Land Trust research information has been compiled into separate reports and that can be viewed on this site. We also met with a number of community members over the summer to discuss different ways that SoL could provide programming for youth and/or schools in years to come. 

p8120745It would be wonderful if SoL could visit classrooms in order to inspire or assist with gardening projects or alternative growing and clean energy practices. We are looking forward to further conversations and ideas about how youth can be involved in SoL. You can read the full report here: spirit-of-the-land-programming-report.