About us

IMG_0470Carley is a recent Augustana grad (BA’ 16) who is passionate about sustainability, gender equality, and education. Born and raised in Camrose AB, Carley is an avid reader and novice knitter, who is excited to learn how to garden, bake bread and engage with the community. As a Spirit of the Land intern, she is working to expand programming, research potential growth opportunities and plan the upcoming Spirit of the Land conference.


Kate Gael recently graduated from Augustana (BA ’16) with a degree in Global and Development Studies and English. She is passionate about sustainable development (particularly agriculture), and after four years of learning about it theoretically, is thrilled to start learning about it practically! She loves to camp, hike, explore new places, learn new things, garden, read, and be outside. She is excited to be interning at Spirit of the Land this summer and engaging with the community to dream up ways to move to a more sustainable future.


Anderson Gael has been involved in the trades for a number of years, and as such, has an interest in building and tinkering to improve upon already existing ideas and structures to make them more sustainable and long lasting. Learning about permaculture over that last few years has led him to do more research and develop a home aquaponics system, as well as look into other sustainable farming techniques. Anderson loves camping, hiking, surfing, photography, and chickens. He is very excited to be working at the Chester Ronning Centre this summer and learning more about sustainability in many facets of agriculture as well as hosting educational events to share his passion with the community.

Join us…

“Next Generation Thinking” conference begins Friday, November 3.

Everyone is welcome!