Alberta Voices

Alberta Voices is a project that arose from conversations begun during our first student-led conference: Responsibility for the Land: Conversations on Fracking in Alberta” (


red barley field


We hope to give voice to those whose troubling experiences with hydraulic fracturing and associated activities may not have been considered in Alberta’s discussion of oil and gas development. By making these voices heard through the film, we hope to help facilitate informed and thoughtful discourses so Albertans can make wise decisions about the future of our province.



Project Background

In November, 2012, the founders of AlbertaVoices hosted a conference called Responsibility for the Land: Conversations on Fracking in Alberta. This project arose from a broad range of research and discussion in conjunction with the conference.


AlbertaVoices is funded by private donors and the Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life. Our donors have generously made this project possible by providing honorariums to Hans and Alison for their work over the summer.

Listen to the powerful stories here:

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“Next Generation Thinking” conference begins Friday, November 3.

Everyone is welcome!