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Summer Interns Reports: Land Trust

After months of research, we have compiled a comprehensive document on Land Trusts and conservation easements, in order to explore creating a Spirit of the Land “Land Trust Organization,” as well as provide information for a number of interested farmers within the Spirit of the Land community. We feel this could be an excellent option

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Summer Intern Reports: Programming

A major goal for the interns this summer was the development and implementation of additional programming for Spirit of the Land (SoL). In the past, the class and conference have been the hub of activity for SoL, resulting in limited interaction with the community in winter, spring and summer. These events also cater more towards

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Summer Interns Report: Grants and Funding

At the beginning of the summer the interns were tasked with the goal of researching and working towards increased financial stability for Spirit of the Land. By developing a fundraising strategy, researching and applying for grants, we aimed to sustain and enhance Spirit of the Land programming. After a preliminary introduction to the tasks and a meeting

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Summer Intern Reports: Mirror Lake Water Rehabilitation

One of the 2015 Spirit of the Land interns focused his efforts this summer in researching the possibility of using floating wetlands to reduce algae bloom in bodies of water around Camrose, particularly Mirror Lake. This sustainable technology has been used successfully in warmer climates, but floating wetlands are also being introduced in Canada. A floating wetland is

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Summer Intern Reports: The Garden

The Spirit of the Land interns worked in a number of different areas this past summer, from gardening to researching solutions for algae bloom. We’ve written a number of reports detailing the work that was done, which will be posted to the blog, along with a short summary and some pictures! This summer, Spirit of

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River of Connection

(I am posting this 4-part blog on behalf of Emily Cole, an Augustana grad who guides rafting and trekking trips across Canada and the United States.  Images courtesy of Shawn Benbow. – Carley)   River of Connection: Stories from Canoe Tripping on the North Saskatchewan In the fall of 2009, when I was in my

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We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended last Wednesday’s Seeds for the Soul event at the Railway Museum! We had a great time learning the ins and outs of companion planting, making crafts, listening to a presentation on the Meeting Creek Grassland Restoration Project and checking out books (and more!)

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Rediscovering Interdependence

We’ve been spending a lot of time in our garden lately, marveling at how much can be produced in such a small space. Seeing food grow out of soil is a daily reminder of our reliance on the bounty of Earth. While this dependence can be a bit frightening at times- what if you live

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A Garden of Transformation

As the rainy days of spring slowly transition into the sunny days of summer, our community garden continues to grow well. It is always exciting to see a plot of soil and dirt transform into a bounty of produce in only a few short months. We’ve spent a lot time at our garden over the

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Illusions of Scarcity- Seeds for the Soul

Below is the link to Chapter 2 of Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Econmics- “The Illusions of Scarcity”. This excerpt will be discussed at the July 6th Seeds for the Soul event at the Camrose Public Library. We hope to see you there, and hear your thoughts.   Sacred Economics: Chapter 2, “The Illusion of Scarcity”  

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Join us…

“Next Generation Thinking” conference begins Friday, November 3.

Everyone is welcome!