Dittmar Mündel

Dittmar MündelDittmar Mündel has been a professor of Religion as well as Global and Development Studies at the Augustana Campus for 33 years.  also associate director of the Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life.

He and his wife Pat created the award-winning Prairies-Mexico Rural Development Exchange. His educational approach is that our land, people, and community are the major “texts” we have to learn to read, reflect upon, and analyze. More recently, with Dittmar’s advice and support, students have put on the conference Responsibility for the Land: Conversations on Fracking in Alberta, created the Alberta Voices project and, this semester, Spirit of the Land.

Pat and Dittmar have four children and seven grandchildren whose future, in Dittmar’s words, depends on us preserving and healing all of creation.

This will be Dittmar’s final year as he is retiring at the end of this semester.  He will be dearly missed.