Dr. Alex Wilson


Dr. Alex Wilson – public talk poster

Public Talk & Opening Keynote

“Reconciling Land, Life & Livelihood”

7:00 pm – Friday, Nov. 4

Dr. Alex Wilson is one of Canada’s leading educators, helped to developed a unique land-based graduate program at the University of Saskatchewan, which combines teachings from the land, community, and traditional knowledge holders.

As Canada’s first First Nations woman to receive a PhD from Harvard, Alex Wilson gathered her early  lessons on leadership in her home community of  Opaskwayak Cree Nation.

“I have always been surrounded by women who lead, most of them leading steadily, some quietly, a few raucously, but always with love in their actions,” she writes. This understanding – that the most valuable leadership is driven by love for the people – has been borne out in her work as a scholar, educator, community activist, and mentor.

Dr. Wilson’s groundbreaking work on the identity development of two-spirit people is widely cited and has become a touchstone for many LGBTQI Indigenous people.

Alex’s home remains in Opaskwayak Cree Nation, where, in collaboration with her family and community, she has established an award-winning community garden and nutrition program.

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