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The Chester Ronning Centre

The Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life seeks to enhance the quality and civility of debate on contested issues through    establishing hospitable environments for informed and lively dialogue and action. The Centre is a scholarly institution for the public square and faith-based communities, in all their diversity. Themes and issues that call for attention in both religious and civil spheres are the focus of the Ronning Centre’s concern. The Centre sponsors a range of events that feature presentations by highly qualified scholars, facilitate safe dialogue, and most importantly, encourage active participation by members of the public in response to the important issues of our time.



Sylvia McAdam, Andrew Nikiforuk, Chris Turner, Janice Makokis, Elder Roy Louis, Dittmar Mundel, Roger Epp, Brenda Barritt, Carmelle Javney Mohr, Colin Milang, Takota Coen, Don Ruzicka, Daniel Bogert-O-Brien, Leah Johnson, Lorne Fitch


David Goa, Andrew Rushmere, Tiffany McNaughton, Sean Dory, Erika Mundel, Lucy Ernst, Pat Mader Mundel, Rajan Rathnavalu, Linda Gervais, Leslie Lindballe, Sara Stratton, Christine Boyle, Ross Moster, Sven Wettering, Johanna Wolf, James Magnus-Johnston, Mike Unrau, Duane Guina, Russell Hawkins, Gordon Lougheed, Paul Cabaj, David Dodge, Cliff Drever, Brian Rozmahel, Tim Hofer, Ken Eshpeter, Konrad Schellenberg, Pat Branson


The Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life, DS106 Radio, KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, The Evangelical Church in Canada British Columbia Synod, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta, Village Vancouver Transition Society, Spirited Social Change, Vancouver School of Theology, The Faith & Society Committee of the BC Synod, The BC Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, The Eco-Justice Unit, Anglican Diocese of New Westminster


Dittmar Mundel, Carmelle Javney Mohr, Rajan Rathnavalu, Leslie Lindballe, Tiffany McNaughton, and Rhiannon Johnson

Alberta Voices

Alison Bortolon, Hans Asfelt, Geordie Nelson, Rajan Rathnavalu, Dittmar Mundel


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