Whether we are of Indigenous, Immigrant or Settler story, spiritual, religious or not: we are called to care for our lands, waters, and our communities.

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The instability of our climate is by now undeniable. The contamination of land and water for unfettered resource extraction is proceeding at an extreme scale and pace. The economic inequality between rich and poor is growing. We have exceeded the safe limit of carbon in the atmosphere. And yet we hear the mantra that ongoing and rapid ‘economic growth’ will save us.

It is time to re-flect, re-imagine, and rework, together. So many of us care about our land, water, wildlife, communities and future generations. And so many of us have been working relentlessly to protect these gifts of life in different ways. Yet, so often we feel alone in our works. How can this be?

We are an invisible majority. Our works and stories are different, but we share a commonality: love for our Earth.  We must recognize this commonality in each other for, despite valiant efforts, we cannot realize the kinder future about which we dream if we do not do so together.

Many others care for these gifts also, but believe economic growth is the engine through which to do so. Although many of us see this engine as the very source of injustice, we cannot oppose each other. We are beginning to speak about others in war language. This is only increasing our alienation. We must oppose only the system that causes suffering – of which we are all a part – but never oppose each other.

Do you care about good water and soil? Do you care about right relationships with peoples and creatures? Do you care about someone? Do you care about something?

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Calling all children, young adults, elders,non-religious, religious, spiritual, long-term activists, industry workers, unemployed, the hopeful, the doubtful. Calling all lovers.

It is time to recognize each other and learn from our lands. Only together can we create the peaceful vision for which so many have lived and died. Our terrifying horizon is calling us to do something, perhaps, even more difficult that fighting for something: it is calling us to love something – each other and our Earth.


Join us…

“Next Generation Thinking” conference begins Friday, November 3.

Everyone is welcome!